Our Schools

There are 33 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Bathurst, educating more than 9200 students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Our schools range from small, rural primary schools in country towns through to large, secondary schools in regional cities, yet they all share a commitment to fostering both Gospel values and academic excellence.

Bishop Michael McKenna has established a Catholic Education Council as his chief advisory body for developing policies in this important work of the Diocese of Bathurst. The Council's work will be devoted to the oversight of the Catholic schools system, as well as to the catechesis of Catholic children and young people more generally. Father Paul Devitt, Episcopal Vicar for Catholic Education, is the President of the Council, Mr Paul Crennan (Bathurst) is the Chair.

Our teaching staff enjoy a strong, supportive, teaching environment and we actively seek teachers who are not just dynamic and innovative educators, but who are also deeply committed to the mission of the Church. 

Schools of the Bathurst Diocese operate within an inclusive framework, ensuring all children receive the support they need to successfully participate and achieve as learners. Our schools cater for students who have a diverse range of personal characteristics, and we believe this diversity enriches the communal life of our schools. We endeavour to meet students’ diverse needs through available support networks. One particular area of support is The Josephite Centre which is the Diocesan Diagnostic Assessment and Intervention Centre, it provides access to many specialists and its services are available to all of our schools.The Centre provides various pathways to support students with complex learning needs, allowing them to access specialist support from a variety of experts. (View Parent Information)

For further information regarding Special Education please contact:

Dr Michael Flood
Team Leader
Faith, Learning and Teaching
Telephone 02 6338 3000


Schools Within the Diocese of Bathurst

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Secondary Schools (Years 7-12)

St. Raphael's Catholic School
Years: K-12 
Address: 11 Liverpool Street, Cowra NSW 2794
Phone: (02) 6342 2940
Email: straphaels@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.straphaels.catholic.edu.au 

St. Matthews Catholic School
Years: K-12 
Address: 4 Lewis Street, Mudgee NSW 2850
Phone: (02) 6372 1742
Email: stmattsmudgee@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stmattsmudgee.catholic.edu.au

MacKillop College 
Years: 7-12 (Girls only school)
Address: Gormans Hill Road, Bathurst NSW 2795
Phone: (02) 6338 2200
Email: mackillop@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.mkc.nsw.edu.au 

St. Johns College
Years: 7-12
Address: 162 Sheraton Road, Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone: (02) 6841 5100
Email: stjohnscollegedubbo@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stjohnsdubbo.catholic.edu.au

La Salle Academy
Years: 7-12
Address: 96 Rabaul Street, Lithgow NSW 2790
Phone: (02) 6354 5100
Email: lasallelithgow@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.lasalleacademy.catholic.edu.au

James Sheahan Catholic High School
Years: 7-12
Address: 49 Anson Street, Orange NSW 2800
Phone: (02) 6362 1422
Email: jschs@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.jschs.nsw.edu.au


There is also a Vincentian school, St. Stanislaus College for boys in Bathurst.
Visit the College website


Central Schools (Years K-10)

St. Mary's Catholic School
Years: K-10 
Address: 35 Percy Street, Wellington NSW 2820
Phone: (02) 6845 1822
Email: stmaryswellington@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stmaryswellington.catholic.edu.au

Primary Schools (Years K-6)

(Schools listed alphabetically by suburb)

St. John's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: Queen Street, Baradine NSW 2396
Phone: (02) 6843 1644
Email: stjohnsbaradine@bth.catholic.edu.au

The Assumption School

Years: K-6
Address: 192 Mitre Street, Bathurst NSW 2795
Phone: (02) 6331 3444
Email: assumption@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.assumption-bathurst.nsw.edu.au

Cathedral Catholic Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 98 George Street, Bathurst NSW 2795
Phone: (02) 6331 1845
Email: cathedral@bth.catholic.edu.au

Kelso (a suburb of Bathurst)
Holy Family Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: French-Smith Place, Kelso NSW 2795
Phone: (02) 6331 3279
Email: holyfamilykelso@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.holyfamilykelso.catholic.edu.au

St. Philomena's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: Lloyds Road, Bathurst NSW 2795
Phone: (02) 6331 1198
Email: stphilsbathurst@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stphilsbathurst.catholic.edu.au

St. Joseph's Primary School
Years: K-6
Address: Adelaide Street, Blayney NSW 2799
Phone: (02) 6368 2243
Email: stjosephsblayney@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stjosephsblayney.nsw.edu.au

St. Edward's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: Tilga Street, Canowindra NSW 2804
Phone: (02) 6344 1170
Email: stedwardscan@bth.catholic.edu.au

Sacred Heart Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 15 Church Street, Coolah NSW 2843
Phone: (02) 6377 1132
Email: sacredheartcoolah@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: http://www.sacredheartcoolah.catholic.edu.au/

St. Lawrence's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 24-28 Dalgarno Street, Coonabarabran NSW 2357
Phone: (02) 6842 1732
Email: stlawrencescoona@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stlawriescoona.catholic.edu.au

St. Brigid's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 8 Tooloon Street, Coonamble NSW 2829
Phone: (02) 6822 1511
Email: stbrigidschool@bth.catholic.edu.au

Web: http://www.stbrigidscoonamble.catholic.edu.au/

St. John's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 138 Sheraton Road, Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone: (02) 6882 2677
Email: stjohnsprimarydubbo@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stjohnsprimarydubbo.catholic.edu.au

St. Laurence's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: Fitzroy Street, Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone: (02) 6882 2129
Email: stlaurencesdubbo@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stlaurences.catholic.edu.au

St. Mary's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 25A Wheelers Lane, Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone: (02) 6882 4790
Email: stmarysdubbo@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stmarysdubbo.nsw.edu.au

St. Pius X Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: East Street, Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone: (02) 6882 3808
Email: stpiusdubbo@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stpiusxdubbo.catholic.edu.au

St. Michael's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 50 Tucklan Street, Dunedoo NSW 2844
Phone: (02) 6375 1387
Email: stmichaelsdunedoo@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stmichaelsdunedoo.catholic.edu.au

St. Joseph's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: Pye Street, Eugowra NSW 2806
Phone: (02) 6859 2485
Email: stjosephseugowra@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stjosephseugowra.catholic.edu.au

St. Joseph's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address:20 Wrigley Street, Gilgandra NSW 2827
Phone: (02) 6847 2828
Email: stjoeysgil@bth.catholic.edu.au

All Hallows Primary School

Years: K-6
Address:Bayly Street, Gulgong NSW 2852
Phone: (02) 6374 1582
Email: allhallowsgulgong@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.allhallowsgulgong.catholic.edu.au

St. Patrick's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: Cnr Mort & Lithgow Streets, Lithgow NSW 2790
Phone: (02) 6351 3719
Email: stpatslithgow@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stpatslithgow.catholic.edu.au

St. Joseph's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 65 Loftus Street, Manildra NSW 2865
Phone: (02) 6364 5177
Email: stjosephsmanildra@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stjosephsmanildra.catholic.edu.au

St. Joseph's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: Edward Street, Molong NSW 2866
Phone: (02) 6366 8306
Email: stjosephsmolong@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stjosephsmolong.catholic.edu.au

Catherine McAuley Catholic Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 90 Hill Street, Orange NSW 2800
Phone: (02) 6361 3344
Email: mcauleyorange@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.mcauleyorange.catholic.edu.au 

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: Cnr Park & Byng Streets, Orange NSW 2800
Phone: (02) 6362 7926
Email: stmarysorange@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stmarysorange.catholic.edu.au 

St. Joseph's Catholic School

Years: K - 6 
Address: 129 Queen Street, Oberon NSW 2787
Phone: (02) 6336 1384
Email: stjosephsoberon@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.joeysoberon.com

St. Joseph's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 95 Williwa Street, Portland NSW 2847
Phone: (02) 6355 5111
Email: stjosephportland@bth.catholic.edu.au

St. Columba's Primary School

Years: K-6
Address: 38 Forbes Street, Yeoval NSW 2868
Phone: (02) 6846 4205
Email: stcolumbas@bth.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stcolumbasyeoval.catholic.edu.au