Religious Education Curriculum

Explicitly and implicitly, Religious Education forms an integral part of the total curriculum of our schools. It is broader than the classroom teaching of religion, and is directed towards the personal and religious development of our students.

The Religious Education curriculum supports the catechetical and evangelising mission of the Church while supporting young people in their lifelong journey in faith. It has been developed to stimulate and challenge students, especially in their understanding of Scripture and Tradition, their critical thinking and moral reasoning. It is based upon sound pedagogical practices. Central to the curriculum, and its effective teaching, is the To Know, Worship and Love textbook series and resources.


Primary Curriculum

While recognising that parents are the first educators of their children in faith, the Primary Religious Education Curriculum enables young people to see and respond to God in their lives.

In particular, the 'storytelling approach' of Godly Play and The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd nurtures the natural capacity that young children have for curiosity, imagination and wonder.

Throughout their primary years, children are invited to reflect on Sacred Scripture, talk with God through prayer, discover the beauty of God’s creation and explore the meaning of symbols and rituals.

Above all other things, this is the time when young people come to know how much God loves them, and when they are drawn into a love of God and others.

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Secondary Curriculum

At a time when society is becoming increasingly secular, and some people even question the existence of God, there is an even greater need for young people to benefit from a high quality Secondary Religious Education Curriculum.

Students in Years 7-12 are invited into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God through their exploration of the Scriptures, their participation in personal and communal prayer, and their
living out of Catholic social and moral teaching. 

The Secondary RE Curriculum provides opportunities for young people to ‘see, judge and act’ in response to Jesus’ great commandment to love God and love others and, thus, ‘live life to the full’. 


Curriculum Resources

Incorporated in both Primary and Secondary units are comprehensive background readings for teachers, while relevant Catechism references ensure accurate teachings of the Church are represented to our students.

Scripture references, appropriate to the theme of study, support the teaching program, as well as providing a stimulus for prayer and liturgy in classes.

Extensive resource lists for teachers and students are incorporated, with a selection of music and song, audiovisuals and an appropriate use of internet technologies.

Opportunities for our students to participate in experiences of prayer, worship and meditation are encouraged in the program, and resourced with ideas and sample liturgies to support teachers.

Consideration for students to engage in practical projects designed to promote and support a just society is also incorporated.